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Obamacare Open Enrollment Florida

Free Obamacare Open Enrollment for 2024 begins Wednesday, November 1, 2023 so you have plenty of time to prepare. Obamacare Open Enrollment is the time of year when you are able to sign up for or adjust current health insurance coverages for the following year. If Obamacare Open Enrollment has closed for 2024 you may still be able to enroll if you meet any of the special exemption criteria.

We know life is hard and enrolling in an Obamacare healthcare coverage plan shouldn’t be so we are here to help with some tips and FAQs.

Enrollment Preparedness

When you are ready to sign up for a healthcare insurance plan, there are several things you can do and have on hand to help make the open enrollment process less stressful. Here is a handy checklist you can use so you can make your Obamacare healthcare plan enrollment as stress-free as it can be:

Before you Call:

  1. Choose a day when you have plenty of time to sit down so you can answer numerous questions regarding your coverage needs, income, family size/makeup, etc. and add it to your calendar.
  2. Review available carriers so that you can have an idea of which you may be interested in.
  3. Prepare to answer detailed questions having to do with your income, citizenship status, medical expenses, babysitting expenses, etc.

Examples of Financial Information you may need:

  1. Recent Pay stubs (Civilian, Military, etc.)
  2. Recent Tax Returns
  3. Unemployment Benefit
  4. Pension/annuity
  5. Social Security
  6. Workers’ Compensation
  7. Veterans’ Benefit
  8. Other Income (rent, interest/dividends/royalties, etc.)
  9. Support from Family members

During the Call:

Relax! One of our Obamacare healthcare plan experts can help guide you. The process of finding the healthcare plan that best fits your need at a price that you can afford shouldn’t have to be hard.

After the Call:

  1. Submit necessary documents so you can verify your citizenship, finances, identified expenses, etc.
  2. Pay your first premium.
  3. Enjoy the relief of knowing you have a quality Obamacare health plan that works for you and your family.

Obamacare Open Enrollment FAQs

What is Obamacare open enrollment?

The period in the Fall (usually around November) when those meeting the requirements are able to enroll in, or make changes to, their Obamacare health insurance coverages for the following year.

When does Obamacare open enrollment start?

The open enrollment period for 2024 will open on Wednesday, November 1st, 2023. Be prepared to see new cutoffs for 2024, due to inflation, resulting in slightly higher levels. 

When does Obamacare open enrollment end?

The open enrollment period for 2024 closed in January of 2024. Remember: If you meet special qualifications, you may qualify for a special enrollment period. Call us now at 877-561-3360 to find out how.

Will Obamacare open enrollment be extended?

As of right now, there are no plans to extend the 2024 open enrollment period. Previously, In 2021, the open enrollment period was extended due to COVID-19.

Which Obamacare plan should I choose?

Obamacare healthcare plans all have different coverages: some have co-pays, some include optional Health Spending Accounts (HSAs), some differ in “in-network” providers and facilities, and more. You need to think about how much coverage you and your family need. Remember that coverages are provided by brands you trust like Aetna, and more!

Who can apply for free Obamacare healthcare coverage open enrollment?

To be eligible for Obamacare subsidies you must be currently living in the US, are either a citizen or legal resident, are not currently incarcerated, and you must meet some income guidelines. You will have to file taxes also. We would love to help you check your ability to get Obamacare Insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Please call us at 877-561-3360.

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